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I’d like to invite readers who are on Facebook to ‘like’ and share my new public page for the Hermitage.  Here’s the summary text from the page:

A page to facilitate the design and building of a subterranean Pagan sanctuary for dark temple arts, dark fusion dance, solitary contemplation, and connection to the ancestors, land spirits, and the earthly divine. Welcome to the Age of Endarkenment.

The Black Stone Hermitage is a vision of a very small dedicated sanctuary, subterranean temple, and retreat space designed specifically for contemplatives, artists, and dancers of darker inclinations.  It is for Pagan and polytheist solitaries, cave-dwelling mystics, bioregional animists, deep ecologists, and others who want to connect directly with earthly divine forces.  It is for those who wish to pay their respects to the dark goddesses, gods, and spirits of the deep earth, the underworld, and the realms of the dead. It is a shrine to the chthonic, and a space for introverts and reclusive types to take refuge.

The Hermitage will be tended by the temple keeper and made available for rituals, sacred tea service, gothic bellydance, research through a specialised lending library, and other community uses.   Another long-term goal is to start a peer grief counseling service at the Hermitage from an embodiment-focused Pagan perspective.  Adults of all gender identities, sexualities, and ethnicities will be welcome.  It will not be a magical lodge, occult group, Heathen kindred, Satanist group, or coven of witches, although respectful visitors from these groups and any other tradition or path will be welcome.

This page is for inspiration and connection with others who are interested in solitary-focused Pagan monasticism and want to see the Hermitage brought into being.

This page features a variety of material – quotes, research, book recommendations, mythology & folklore, architectural photos, dark ritual ambient music, visual art, ritual and dark fusion belly dance videos – for the purpose of inspiring the design and building of the Hermitage. I collect photos, books, and other information on cave temples, subterranean catacombs, grottoes, crypts, rainforests, hidden monasteries, earth shrines, serpent mounds, ossuaries, moss-covered stones, labyrinths, permaculture, sacred plant medicine, bamboo, tea culture, gothic home decor, and much more.

I use this page to bring all of these seemingly disparate elements together in a way that conveys the essence of what I want to do when I design and build the Hermitage in its permanent location. For now, I use “The Hermitage” to refer to my home studio in Portland.

The material here is curated by freelance writer D. JoAnne Swanson of Black Stone Arts and Shrine of Skadi Dark Fusion Temple Dance.

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