The Hermit and the Black Stone

(In the photo: the Hermit card from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot – one of my favourite cards from my all-time favourite deck, and a beautiful and well-loved 50 mm Black Obsidian sphere that is used for scrying at the Hermitage.)

I am sometimes asked: “What does the name ‘Black Stone Hermitage’ mean, and why do you maintain a page for it if it’s still in development?”

I’ve written a few preliminary thoughts about the significance of the name on the FAQ, and will no doubt write more about it in the future, but the deeper truth is mystical – the full meaning is meant to be perceived through lived, embodied experience, rather than interpreted through the narrow lens of verbal or written explanation.  Toward that end, I am planning several projects for Black Stone Arts that are intended to help me explore this mystery, including choreographed ritual dance pieces and a photo shoot wherein I will be adorned in ritual garb in the role of The Hermit from the tarot.

One definition of evoke is “to produce or suggest through artistry and imagination a vivid impression of reality.”

The imagery and words I present on this blog and its associated Facebook page are meant as first steps in evoking and bringing to life a vision I hold of a subterranean structure or architectural space that ‘wants’ to be birthed into its proper place in the world.  My intention is to put together a composite vision of this chthonic temple space designed for dark Pagans with solitary and monastic inclinations, and to gather together the right people and resources to bring it into being.

The Hermitage is a kind of “community for solitaries,” if you will.  My main task, for now, is to share elements of this vision – e.g., gothic decor and aesthetic, themed playlists featuring dark ambient music, a Moss Rock Sanctuary, the Black Tent Temple (an incubation space), a peer grief counseling service, midnight tea rituals, shrines for the dark divine and the spirits of the Underworld, serpent wisdom, dark fusion ritual and temple dance, etc. – as I continue to work toward the day when the Hermitage will find a permanent place of its own.

I trust that the rest will come when the time is right.

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