New Shrine for Móðguðr and the Ancestors

Shrine for Móðguðr, October 2013

Here is my new shrine in honour of Móðguðr, the ancestors, and the beloved dead.  I absolutely love it, and I think She is pleased as well.  I am performing a special devotional midnight tea ritual for Móðguðr at the Hermitage tonight, as I celebrate and enjoy the many blessings of solitude.

Hail Móðguðr, guardian of Helheim’s gate!

The soundtrack for the rites this evening includes some of my all-time favourite creepy, haunting, genuinely scary dark ambient albums:

1) Aghast – Hexerei Im Zwielicht der Finsternis
2) Brighter Death Now – Necrose Evangelicum
3) Allseits – Hel
4) Innfallen – Three Days of Darkness

October is my favourite month and the month of my birth.  I’m pretty clueless about astrology myself, and haven’t really been able to get into it, but I’m told by an astrologer friend who did my chart that I’m a triple water sign: Scorpio sun, Cancer moon, and Pisces ascendant.  (Apparently, with all that water influence, it isn’t too surprising that I’m a strong empath.)  October is also a very active time for me spiritually.  I’ve been working very hard all month, and the Endarkenment redecoration project is now almost complete – photos coming soon!  With luck, the psychomanteum (mirror gazing room and spiritual incubation space) will be finished within a few weeks, and when the time comes to begin booking sessions for guests, I will post the details here and on the Facebook page for the Hermitage.


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