Chthonic Cathedral: Dark Ritual Ambient Mix Project Update

A few months back, I announced that I was putting together a series of themed ritual dark ambient mixes for a new project called Chthonic Cathedral. I had every intention of getting these mixes completed and uploaded this winter. However, as a complete amateur in digital audio, I grossly underestimated the amount of work and time that would be involved in bringing this to fruition. I also have a schedule of upcoming public, conference, and media appearances this year – mostly in connection with my other blog, Rethinking the Job Culture – that will keep me even busier than I had anticipated.

My project plate is simply too full, so something has to give.  But I’m not giving up!

I’ve done a great deal of work on the Chthonic Cathedral project already and have no intention of dropping it, so I’ve decided on a compromise. The track lists are all completed, and the text and images that will accompany each mix are almost complete as well. It’s the audio part of creating these mixes that will take the most time and effort, and it’s a steep learning curve for me – I will need to learn the technical side of this step-by-step, completely from scratch, on my own.

So, for the time being, I am just going to upload each track list to this blog along with the text and image, and I will link to the individual tracks on YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc. if I can find them. At least that way the artists and track names will be available, and those who are motivated enough and have the time can put in the effort to track down the music sources themselves.

Later on, whenever I’m able to get my skills up to speed (or whenever I’m able to get some help with the project from someone more knowledgeable than me), I will get the audio portion of this project together, and then I’ll make some mixes. Once I’ve done that, all you’ll have to do is press “play.”

For now, here’s a sneak peek at the titles of all 31 of my current set lists. (The image is a preview from set list # 20).

Stay tuned for more, fellow dark ambient devotees!

  1. At the Shadow of the Gates: A Devotional Dark Ambient Mix for Mordgud
  2. Autumnal: A Dark Ambient Mix for the Darkening Days
  3. Beauty in Ruins: A Dark Ambient Mix in Honour of Abandoned Places
  4. Black Sun Shining: An Esoteric Dark Ambient Mix
  5. Blood of the Earth: A Dark Ambient Mix for Facing Ecological Grief
  6. Cacophony: A Noisy Dark Ambient Mix
  7. Chthonic Ritual: A Dark Ambient Mix for Cave-Dwellers
  8. Endarkening: A Dark Ambient Mix to Honour the Dead
  9. Epitome: A ‘Pure’ Dark Ambient Mix
  10. Eros: A Dark Ambient Mix for Carnal Pleasures
  11. From the Blackness: A Dark Ambient Mix for Tea Alchemy
  12. Hail Skadi: A Devotional Dark Ambient Mix for the Huntress
  13. Haunted From the Depths: A Ghostly Dark Ambient Mix
  14. Hermitage: A Monastic Dark Ambient Mix
  15. History of Dark Ambient I: Precursors of the Genre, 1960s-1970s
  16. History of Dark Ambient II: The Early Years, 1980s-early 1990s
  17. In Sorrow: A Dark Ambient Mix for the Bereaved
  18. Mirror of the Soul: A Dark Ambient Mix for Spiritual Incubation
  19. Moss Witch: A Dark Ambient Mix for Forest Mystics
  20. Nordic Winter: A Dark Ambient Mix for the Frozen Lands
  21. Ominous Portents, A Reckoning: A Ritual Doom Ambient Mix
  22. Somnium: A Dark Ambient Mix for Dreamtime
  23. Sonic Gnosis: A Mind-Altering Dark Ambient Mix
  24. Telluric Currents: A Geomantic Dark Ambient Mix
  25. Tempestuous: A Stormy Dark Ambient Mix
  26. The Black Serpent: An Occult Dark Ambient Mix
  27. The Black Veil: A Dark Ambient Mix for Ritual Dance
  28. The Dark Ambient Alchemist
  29. The Inward Eye: A Dark Ambient Mix for Solitude and Retreat
  30. The Lighter Side of Dark Ambient
  31. The Void: A Dark Ambient Mix for Deep Meditation

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