Chthonic Cathedral Playlist: Dark Ambient for Magickal Yoga

Not long ago I announced that I’d be posting a series of themed dark ambient playlists for my Chthonic Cathedral project, and posted a preview of all 31 of the set list titles.

Inspired by a recent request for music recommendations from a friend and fellow dark fusion dancer who is teaching a yoga workshop this weekend, I’ve added a new set to my growing collection: Dark Ambient for Magickal Yoga.

As a dark ambient nerd, there are few things I love more than getting requests for customised dark ambient music recommendations. So, with permission of the querent, I’m sharing her request here, along with the tracks I recommended to her. (It was very difficult to keep it to just 16 tracks.)

Most of my themed set lists have long intros and personal reflections about each track – what it means to my spiritual life, the role that it plays in my ritual dance choreography, etc.  This one is a bit more sparse than is my custom, in the interest of getting the playlist up ASAP so that my friend can easily refer her students to it when they ask for more info about the music…as I trust they will, because all of these tracks are outstanding!

I’m teaching a 3-hour Magickal Yoga workshop and am looking for inspiration. I’m going to be blending classical asanas with imagery from Thelema and other more general cosmologies from the Western Mystery Tradition. I’m looking for some dark ambient music as a soundtrack…What would you recommend I listen to?

My reply:

Here’s a sampler for you, cherry-picked from Bandcamp and YouTube with your themes in mind. These are tracks that I often use for yoga. If you let me know which ones you like and don’t like, or give me specific style and mood guidelines (e.g., more ritualistic, more percussion, a somewhat lighter feel, etc.) I’d be happy to give you more recommendations, so don’t hesitate to ask.  I hope this isn’t overkill…you did say three hours!

  1. TeHÔM – Abyss (If you like this track, do give the rest of the album a listen! There are some samples from Liber AL vel Legis.)
  2. Coph Nia – That Which Remains
  3. Lustmord – Congregants Requests 1
  4. Sephiroth – Now Night Her Course Began (In my opinion this is one of the most sublime pieces of dark ambient music ever recorded.)
  5. Mesektet – Aken (Ancient Egypt inspired.)
  6. Vestigial – The Coming
  7. Herbst9 – Lord of the Shining Crown (Babylonian inspired.)
  8. Herbst9 – Blood Whisper (One of their best tracks.)
  9. Desiderii Marginis – Deadbeat I
  10. Council of Nine – Blood Lit Skies
  11. FoetusDreams – Revealed Behind the Gates
  12. Gydja – Snakestone
  13. raison d’être – Metamorphyses Phase V
  14. Mulm – Night Water Reflection
  15. Hadit – Sh T-N
  16. Ordo Vermis – The Eye-Diamond of the Dragon


Feedback from the querent, who decided to use ALL of these tracks: “I’m a total convert.”

As I’ve said many times, I think there is a much larger potential fan base for dark ambient music out there than many people think. And I will keep doing my part to build it.  Dark ambient is more than just music to me; it’s an essential component of my spiritual path.

Pagans aren’t known for proselytising…but I trust that a bit of dark ambient evangelism will be forgiven. *wink wink*



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