Welcome to the new home of The Black Stone Hermitage!

nun silhouette in prayerThe Black Stone Hermitage, as a concept and as a corresponding online + physical place, was founded in 2011 in Portland, OR. Inspired by a vision received by its resident hermit – that’s me – it began its online life in blog form at blackstonemonastery.wordpress.com.

In 2013 the Hermitage began hosting visitors for short meditation retreats.

In January 2017, I launched a Patreon campaign for the Hermitage, and created a static informational site at blackstonehermitage.wordpress.com. The Patreon campaign was retired in February 2018, but the work continues.

Several years of experimental efforts were documented on the original blog, as I learned how to bring forth, clarify, and give form to the vision I received of a contemplative Norse polytheist monastic retreat space of sacred endarkenment. In 2017 I decided to reach out and expand my community service offerings, as the need for polytheist monastic hospitality and fellowship is growing.

All blog entries and pages from BOTH of the old wordpress.com sites have now been migrated and incorporated into this site. Eventually I will be deleting the earlier incarnations of this site. From now on, all published work for the Hermitage will live at blackstonehermitage.net – a domain I now own – on a WordPress.org installation that I control. This is great news, and it opens many possibilities that were not available to me until I switched over to a self-hosted site.

If you’re a subscriber who’s been following the Hermitage via the old sites, you won’t even have to lift a finger to start receiving posts from the new one. I’m using a plugin that will migrate subscribers to the new site automatically.

Up-and-coming work to be published here:

  1. “Huntress, My Beloved” – a devotional poem for Skaði
  2. “I Stand With #HavamalWitches”- a resource page for Heathen feminists (there’s a Facebook discussion group for #HavamalWitches supporters too)
  3. Thoughts on monastic life, financial matters, day jobs, unpaid work, and emotional labor

The Hermitage will soon be taking the first steps in its search for a permanent place to build an abbey – an intention that is reflected in this new, easier-to-read, more focused online home, complete with new logo!

Welcome, and enjoy!

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