Endarkenment Newsletter: Contemplative Writing on Dark Ambient Music Appreciation

I’m happy to announce that I will soon launch a digital direct subscription email newsletter as a “prelude” to my in-progress book Endarkenment: The Esoteric in Dark Ambient Music and Culture. The newsletter will feature new work, including in-depth interviews with musicians and labels, starting in October. An early preview is already up on the Substack publishing platform; it features an archive of much of my previously published writing on dark ambient music collected in one convenient place.

Interviews I’ve got in the pipeline and planned for the first year of the newsletter include:

…and another beautiful and unexpected interview I will be thrilled to publish…but don’t yet have full clearance to reveal.

Other features:

  • themed playlists + liner notes crafted with discernment and care
  • personal reflections on classics, recent releases, & hidden gems of the genre
  • thoughts on the history, philosophy, culture, and aesthetics of the dark ambient genre
  • special guest writers

You can sign up for email delivery right now to receive new issues immediately as they’re published. Please read the FAQ for more details about the newsletter and information on all-access and sustaining subscription options.

For the table of contents listing all published pieces, follow this link.

I’ve been working diligently on this project, and I’m excited to share the results and celebrate the coming of autumn. More news soon!

Interviewees for the Endarkenment book should also note that I recently sent out the final call for interviews; the deadline is 15 October 2018. After that date I will no longer be accepting interviews for the book. (But I will be conducting interviews for the newsletter!)

(Image credit: art by Pär Boström.)

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