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Admin note for all subscribers – PLEASE READ

Recently I received a report that the subscribe button powered by the Jetpack plugin was not working on my self-hosted blog. Oy! I was wondering why I hadn’t received any new subscribers for ages. I’ve also learned that some existing subscribers have not been receiving any email notifications of my new posts due to some kind of glitch.

After much effort I’ve been unable to solve this problem, and I can’t spend any more time on it. So, since I’d been considering a few changes anyway, including starting a newsletter for the Hermitage on the Substack platform, I decided to go a different route. This intractable problem motivated me to go ahead and start the newsletter now. If I’m going to spend this much time on it anyway, might as well do it with an eye toward setting up a reliable way to reach my readers over the long term. I can’t rely on social media or blog plugins like Jetpack to manage my subscribers. I need to keep my own separate, independent file of subscriber addresses.

Substack allows me to do that. So hereafter, all news and posts will be delivered through the Substack newsletter. I’ll keep the main website active too, as a “home base”, but if you want to ensure you’ll receive email notifications of new posts, you’ll need to subscribe at Substack.

Unfortunately I can’t export my current full subscriber list to Substack, as the Jetpack plugin does not offer that functionality. That’s why you’re seeing this post: you’ll have to take further action if you want to subscribe to the newsletter.

Now each of my projects (Endarkenment and Black Stone Hermitage) have their own independent newsletters at Substack. So people who are only interested in one of my projects can subscribe to the appropriate newsletter only. And if I ever need to move my digital address again in the future, I can download everyone’s email address from Substack, and can therefore send out an announcement that will reach everyone without having to rely on third parties.

To clarify:

The permanent home for the Hermitage website is:

The permanent home for the newsletter is:

If you’d like to keep up with my work, please go here and enter your email address in the subscribe box to receive all new posts. Right now there’s just a placeholder page, but all new content will appear there when it’s ready.

The following sites have all been permanently deleted:


My apologies for any confusion. Thank you for reading and subscribing!

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