The Hermitage Library

The Black Stone Hermitage Library

Over 900 well-loved books live at the Hermitage. There are sections of interest to Heathens/Pagans, feminists, LGBTQIA+ folks, bellydancers, fans of gothic-industrial music and art, tea aficionados, homesteading/simple living/permaculture denizens, radical leftists, and students of the Swedish language.  Many of these books are long out of print and difficult to find. So, by popular request of my guests, I have finally opened my library shelves for community use.

I host reading-and-study days by appointment, so visitors can come and browse the library at leisure, relax with books and tea, and enjoy the contemplative atmosphere.

Heathen bookshelf
One of the bookshelves of interest to Heathens at the Hermitage.
Followers of the Facebook page and Twitter feed for the Hermitage are occasionally treated to Sunday Shelfie and book-of-the-day posts (with quoted excerpts!) to provide a glimpse of what’s available for those who are able to visit the Hermitage in person.

Note that the space is small — it’s a 550-square-foot live/work studio. I can host a maximum of three people for library visits at a time; it’s easiest with one or two.

Lending is not offered at this time; in-house reading only.

Hosted library reading-and-contemplation days are a pay-what-you-want or gift service, in keeping with an ethic of reciprocity. No fees are charged, but you are welcome to make a contribution to support this work via Patreon, to help free up more time for me to make this service available to others. Patrons at the $5+ level receive first-priority scheduling.

You’re also welcome to help build the library by contributing books! The Hermitage has a wish list on Amazon.

Benefactors who have made gift contributions to the Hermitage library are honored with special bookplates inserted into the front cover of the books they’ve gifted.
This one is placed inside The Archaeology of Darkness, a book generously gifted by Priestess Gerrie Ordaz.

And if you’re a student of the Swedish language, or are interested in Swedish genealogy, you’ll find many useful resources at the Hermitage that are unavailable at any public library in Portland!

To schedule an appointment for a library visit, contact me at:

shrine.of.skadi AT gmail dot com

Top photo of the Hermitage Library by Ilana Hamilton of Blackthorn Photography