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Announcing: An Interview with Ulf Söderberg & Endarkenment Newsletter Launch

Today marks the launch of my direct subscription email newsletter Endarkenment: Contemplative Writing on Dark Ambient Music Appreciation. At long last, I can go public with the great news I’ve been keeping under wraps for months: my upcoming (and rare!) long-read interview with the Swedish musical virtuoso and sound designer Ulf Söderberg, who is perhaps

Uneasy Listening: Dark Ambient Music Appreciation for Pagans

“Encoded in the earth, encrypted in our bodies, and built into temples is a knowledge that wants to live again as music.”  ~ Susan Elizabeth Hale, Sacred Space, Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places “Dark ambient is definitely a big part of my spiritual life…It almost functions as a gate to another reality,

Ritual for Skaði by Ingrid Kincaid

Recently I attended a lovely and moving public ritual for Skaði by Ingrid Kincaid, The Rune Woman, held in Portland, OR. About twenty of us were there to pay Her tribute.  The beautiful altar featured two enormous raw femur bones, along with evergreen bows, firewood, a bow and arrows, fresh blood, vodka, and more. Attendees

Underrated Dark Ambient Albums, Volume 2

I’m delighted to announce that volume 2 of my series on underrated dark ambient albums has been published at the venerable I Die: You Die.  Lots of love and care went into this piece.  I hope you enjoy it! I have an ongoing list of albums to recommend for volume 3 in this series.  There

Call for Donations: Skaði’s Shrine Room at Many Gods West

In July I will be building and hosting a shrine room for Skaði at Many Gods West, and I would like to invite donations of devotional writing, art, and other materials. Here are a few guidelines. Skaði’s Shrine Room will be assembled in my hotel room as a meditative space designed to facilitate quiet prayer

The Black Tent Temple: A Space for Incubation and Endarkenment

[Ed. note: This is archived material from the old blog; links and other info may be out of date. It will remain here as-is for reference.] Recently I received a lovely e-mail from a fellow Pagan who found my blog via a Google search for Pagan monasteries. She expressed great enthusiasm for the ideas I