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Sacred Endarkenment: Contemplative Norse Polytheist Monasticism

This year I've entered a new and deepened stage of a personalized alchemical project of endarkenment. Slowly but surely, it seems I'm being transmuted into a being who is an appropriate match for the responsibilities that await me when I move to Sweden to pursue a permanent home for the Hermitage. This includes developing a

What Is Sacred Endarkenment?

“I think the sacred is more readily available to us in the dark.” ~ Martin Lowenthal, Getting Enlightened in the Dark “…some people say we should never, ever leave the light.  We should endeavor to be “light workers” who fill every shadow with light and eliminate all darkness.  […]  If the light’s on all the

Endarkenment Redecoration Project

In the Winter Solstice spirit of embracing the darkness and the longest night of the year… Inspired by dark ritual ambient music, dark fusion dance, and the deepening of autumn and the coming of winter, here are some photos from the Oct. 2013 Endarkenment Redecoration Project at the Hermitage in downtown Portland, OR, USA.  This

A Black Tent Temple

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Red Tent Temple movement, which started in 2007 and grew out of the popularity of Anita Diamant’s book The Red Tent. Although I have no personal experience with it – nor have I read the book – the Red Tent Temple movement, as I understand it, is focused on creating

Dark ambient music: Mirror of the soul

There are very few things that move me as deeply and exquisitely as really good dark ambient music.  To say I’m a “fan” of the genre seems inadequate somehow.  My passion for it is so intense that it could almost be called religious.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that there are Pagan, runic, and mythological themes

The Black Tent Temple and Psychomanteum

(Update: The psychomanteum has been retired and is no longer in service, but I’m leaving this page online for archival purposes.) The Black Tent Temple is a small, enclosed, privately owned spiritual incubation space I designed at the Hermitage.  It features a psychomanteum – also known as a mirror gazing room, portal, spirit room, oracle

Toward a Pagan Aesthetic of Home Decor

“Our homes can be forbidding fortresses that keep out people, or inviting, hospitable places where guests feel welcomed.  A space can stifle us from reaching our true potential, or replenish our energies and encourage us to do our best.  It can harbor discontent and smother our spirits or spark ingenuity and allow our spirits to