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New Subscription Newsletter at Substack

Admin note for all subscribers – PLEASE READ Recently I received a report that the subscribe button powered by the Jetpack plugin was not working on my self-hosted blog. Oy! I was wondering why I hadn’t received any new subscribers for ages. I’ve also learned that some existing subscribers have not been receiving any

Heathen Monasticism: The future of the Hermitage in Sweden

The Winter Solstice is my favorite holiday. It’s the perfect time to announce that the Hermitage is hatching a plan to move to Sweden! In November, while I was in Sweden, I made a pact with my longtime correspondents and dear friends Birka and Räv Skogsberg to relocate the Hermitage to the beautiful village of

Welcome to the new home of The Black Stone Hermitage!

The Black Stone Hermitage, as a concept and as a corresponding online + physical place, was founded in 2011 in Portland, OR. Inspired by a vision received by its resident hermit – that’s me – it began its online life in blog form at In 2013 the Hermitage began hosting visitors for short meditation

The Hermitage will soon be on the new Pagan Bloggers portal

[Edited in 2018 to add: Unfortunately I’ve had to halt my writings on the Pagan Bloggers portal. After my first two articles for the site were published in 2017, I took a full time freelance writing job, so I no longer had sufficient writing time available. I’m leaving the original entry here for reference.] I’m

My Vision for the Future of the Hermitage

Five years have now passed since I received the original vision of the Hermitage in 2011 and started this blog to chronicle the development of the vision.  Now, the time has come to take the leap of faith.   I’ve committed myself to a full-time path of creative self-employment, contemplative solitude, and service work as a

Envisioning a Dark Pagan Sanctuary and Temple Space

In light of a recent sharpening of focus for me as a Temple Keeper, this blog has acquired a new subtitle: “A Dark Pagan Sanctuary and Temple Space”.  (The previous subtitle was “A vision of Pagan monastic life, the joys of solitude, and the dark divine.”)  I have also made some corresponding changes to the

Dark ambient music: Mirror of the soul

There are very few things that move me as deeply and exquisitely as really good dark ambient music.  To say I’m a “fan” of the genre seems inadequate somehow.  My passion for it is so intense that it could almost be called religious.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that there are Pagan, runic, and mythological themes