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Reflections on the Many Gods West conference

The Many Gods West conference, and the shrine room I built in my hotel room there for Skaði, were both successful far beyond anything I had imagined. And I’m so grateful that I hardly even know where to begin. Although I arrived home after the event exhausted from the summer heat and two nights of

Call for Donations: Skaði’s Shrine Room at Many Gods West

In July I will be building and hosting a shrine room for Skaði at Many Gods West, and I would like to invite donations of devotional writing, art, and other materials. Here are a few guidelines. Skaði’s Shrine Room will be assembled in my hotel room as a meditative space designed to facilitate quiet prayer

Announcement: Skaði’s Shrine Room at Many Gods West

I am delighted to announce that my proposal was accepted and I will be a shrine room keeper at Many Gods West, a new polytheist gathering, in Olympia, WA this July. I will be building and decorating a custom shrine room for Skaði in a hotel room at the conference, and I will serve as its

Skaði’s Shrine Room: A Proposal

As soon as I heard about Many Gods West, a new polytheist conference that will take place this coming summer in Olympia, WA, I knew I wanted to go. Immediately I started feeling nudges toward attending this gathering in service of Skaði, and building a shrine room there for Her. Since She has been the

Móðguðr’s Dark Ambient Shrine

Have you ever had the experience of building a shrine and feeling a bone-deep wave of absolute perfect rightness engulf you immediately?  As if all the Powers you serve had been waiting a long time for you to finally figure out that They wanted it like this, but for whatever reason you couldn’t carry it

Dark Ambient Music, Art, and Culture

[If you’re a follower of the Facebook page associated with this blog, my next few posts may look familiar since some of the material has been posted to that page before.  I decided to preserve some of that material here, since Facebook posts are so ephemeral – material posted on Facebook usually fades into oblivion

Retiring shrines

A few weeks ago, I dismantled and retired my shrines for Óðinn and Thor.  I felt a little strange about this, even though I knew it was the right thing to do and I felt a clear sense of comfortable completion afterward.  It’s not the first time I’ve retired shrines; awhile back, for example, this

I am a Temple Keeper

Finally I am back online after spending more than a week mostly bedridden with a nasty head cold, and then – just as I recovered from the illness – another week dealing with the worst computer issues I’ve ever faced.  The power supply for my old desktop PC died, and my motherboard went kaput right

Shrine for Skaði

This is my shrine at The Hermitage for Skaði, the bold, strong-willed and enigmatic Jötunn, mountain-dweller, Öndurdís, goddess of winter and the primal hunt.  Maria Kvilhaug calls Her “the giantess of the underworld.”  Lee Hollander calls Her “dweller among the rocks.” The altar cloth is silver-grey crushed velvet.  Draped over the front are two iridescent