Dark Ambient Music

One of my goals with the work I do at the Hermitage is to raise awareness and appreciation of dark ambient music, particularly with respect to the way it facilitates meditation and contemplative practice. As I’ve written in the article linked above, it’s a theta-wave-inducing enabler of hypnagogic states, lucid dreams, and inner journeys. I’m convinced that there’s a need for this music that remains largely unmet because the genre is still so obscure, hidden away under the mantle of other musical genres. So, as a service to our communities, I do my best to get the word out about it.

For many years I’ve been dreaming about and wishing for a subgenre of dark ambient music called “monastic dark ambient,” “mystical dark ambient,” or something like that. Nuns and monks wearing black hooded cloaks and chanting in caves, guided chthonic meditations, deep choral voices, churchbells, devotionals to Heathen and underworld deities, etc., all combined with deep, dark, ominous, meditative drones. Meditation music for paths of sacred endarkenment.

I think this should be A Thing. More than it is now, I mean.

There are certainly many dark ambient tracks that fit this bill already, and there is lots of ritual and occult-focused dark ambient music that I enjoy…but still, I’d like to see “monastic dark ambient” become a whole genre of its own one day. My “monastic dark ambient” playlists have been really popular with listeners. I’m quite sure there’s an audience for it – probably a larger audience than many people suspect.

I’ve got it on good authority that a project I respect has an album in the works featuring guided meditations set to dark drone music, and I’m excited about it.

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