Hail Móðguðr

Mordgud's shrine at The Black Stone Hermitage

Mordgud’s shrine at the Hermitage.  Photo by Ilana Hamilton of Blackthorn Photography.

Móðguðr (Mordgud), in Her tower of black stone, is one of my wisest teachers along the Path of Sacred Endarkenment. She visits me as She sees fit, most often in October. Along with the cooler autumn weather and the darkening of the days, active season at the Hermitage begins in earnest in October, and things don’t start winding down until spring.

For several years I have conducted midnight tea rituals for Her as the darkening days begin to descend upon the Hermitage – lighting a candle and some cedarwood incense, cloaking myself in black, setting a place for Móðguðr at the table, and cueing up the devotional dark ambient playlist I compiled for Her.  I also put together a devotional board for Her on Pinterest, since there is so little writing and art devoted to Her online.

Mordgud's shrine at the Hermitage

Móðguðr’s shrine, keeping watch over the ancestor shrine. Photo by Ilana Hamilton of Blackthorn Photography.

During one of these midnight rituals, this prayer took shape, and this is what I use most often in my devotional services for Her.

Dark Lady of the Black Stone tower,
may I be a worthy vessel for Your wisdom.
Guardian of Helheim’s gate,
Keeper of underworld secrets…
…in my monastic rites of cultivation and withdrawal,
dark earthy teas and chthonic ritual ambient music open portals for You.
May my work along the Path of Sacred Endarkenment serve You with highest honors.
Hail Móðguðr!

A short retrospective of shrines for Móðguðr. Upcoming on Playmoss: a dark ambient music playlist I put together for a ritual for Mordgud and Hela by Ingrid Kincaid.