Song for Skaði

Song for Skaði

For Yule 2016, I had the pleasure of attending a feast and faining hosted by a local Cascadian Heathen group, and I made a special tribute offering to Skaði: singing a devotional song for Her in Swedish.

This song for Skaði (in Swedish, Skade) was composed by Birka Skogsberg, gydja of Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige, who is a friend of mine. With her permission, I translated the lyrics from Swedish into English (and she corrected my errors!), and handed out copies at the ritual.

Part of my intent with this offering was to strengthen the magical links between me and the potential future home for the Hermitage in Sweden, as I intend to build a full shrine room for Skaði there one day – as I have described on my blog – if it be in accordance with Her will.

This was quite a stretch for me, since I have no voice training and almost never sing, let alone in Swedish.  It was the first time I sang solo in front of anyone else since my youth!  It went well, though, and folks seemed to appreciate it, and in 2017 I have begun singing devotional songs regularly.

You can listen to Birka sing it here!

by Birka Skogsberg

Skade, Skade
Vi finner och följer Dina lätta spår
Mot djupare skogar genom täta snår
Smyger vi, smyger vi

Skade, Skade
Endast den som prövats rätt kan hitta fram
Mot huset på bergets allra högsta kam
Stiger vi, stiger vi

Skade, Skade
Med hjortens krona och med harens ben
Ur skuggor till gläntan i Din månes sken
Träder vi, träder vi

English translation by Danica Swanson

Skade, Skade
We find and follow Your light tracks
Toward deeper forests through dense thickets
We sneak, we sneak

Skade, Skade
Only the rightly tested can find the way
To the house on the mountain’s highest ridge
We rise, we rise

Skade, Skade
With the deer’s crown and the hare’s legs
From shadows to the glade of Your moon’s shine
We enter, we enter

Photo of Skaði’s shrine by Ilana Hamilton of Blackthorn Photography