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The Black Tent Temple: A Space for Incubation and Endarkenment

[Ed. note: This is archived material from the old blog; links and other info may be out of date. It will remain here as-is for reference.] Recently I received a lovely e-mail from a fellow Pagan who found my blog via a Google search for Pagan monasteries. She expressed great enthusiasm for the ideas I

Twilight Magick: An Interview with Abby Helasdottir of Gydja

I’m delighted to announce that the interview I conducted for the venerable Heathen Harvest Periodical with accomplished musician, artist, writer, and esotericist Abby Helasdottir of Gydja has now been published. Her Shadowlight website was pivotal for me at a time when I very much needed it, and I am a longtime fan of her music,

Chthonic Cathedral Playlist: Dark Ambient for Magickal Yoga

Not long ago I announced that I’d be posting a series of themed dark ambient playlists for my Chthonic Cathedral project, and posted a preview of all 31 of the set list titles. Inspired by a recent request for music recommendations from a friend and fellow dark fusion dancer who is teaching a yoga workshop

Announcement: Skaði’s Shrine Room at Many Gods West

I am delighted to announce that my proposal was accepted and I will be a shrine room keeper at Many Gods West, a new polytheist gathering, in Olympia, WA this July. I will be building and decorating a custom shrine room for Skaði in a hotel room at the conference, and I will serve as its

Chthonic Cathedral: Dark Ritual Ambient Mix Project Update

A few months back, I announced that I was putting together a series of themed ritual dark ambient mixes for a new project called Chthonic Cathedral. I had every intention of getting these mixes completed and uploaded this winter. However, as a complete amateur in digital audio, I grossly underestimated the amount of work and

New Assignment: Learning Geomancy

I have been given a new Official Assignment: learn geomancy. As if I didn’t already have my plate full enough with my book manuscript in progress, my ritual-devotional dance project, my dark ambient mix project, learning yoga, learning Swedish, genealogical research and prep for a planned trip to Sweden in 2016, preparing for a new

Chthonic Cathedral: Deep Earth & Dark Ritual Ambient compilations

New project in the works!  After many requests for my themed dark ambient compilations, and lots of encouraging feedback on the playlists I’ve posted, I’ve decided to take this dark ambient ‘mixtape’ thing a bit more seriously.  I take great joy in helping others discover and appreciate the best of the dark ambient genre, and

New Article on Underrated Dark Ambient Albums

I am delighted to announce that my new article on underrated dark ambient albums from the past decade is now published on I Die: You Die, an outstanding and highly respected music blog that I’ve followed since its inception in 2011.  The editors called my knowledge of the genre “encyclopedic” and referred to me as