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Patreon launch for Rethinking the Job Culture

[Ed. note: I closed both of my Patreon campaigns in February 2018. This is archived material from the old blog; links and other info may be out of date. It will remain here as-is for reference.] Recently I wrote about the need for me to find ways to stay job-free so I can do my

The Magical Practice of Sweeping the Temple

“…we all…should do our regular share of housework.  Not just waving a duster in the air but rolling up our sleeves and putting in some elbow grease – scrubbing floors, clearing drains, scouring lavatory bowls.  Not necessarily every day, but regularly.  This activity is important because it’s the perfect balance to the work so many

On Hermit Community and Gift Culture

Over the past few years I’ve been gradually learning more about monastic life in other religious traditions, and thinking about how monastic ways of life could work for those with Pagan, bioregional animist, or other ecologically focused spiritual practices. Throughout the course of my research, I’ve been particularly attracted to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, for several