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Huntress, My Beloved

Huntress, My Beloved by Danica Swanson Beloved Skaði of the keen eye and deadly arrow, Ten years ago You came to me As my heart howled with the grief of divorce. You expertly guided me As floods of angry tears drenched me And shards of emotional shrapnel pierced my heart. Beloved daughter of the iron

Ancestral Grief and My Future Pilgrimage to Sweden

[Ed. note: I finally went to Sweden in November 2017! This is archived material from the old blog; links and other info may be out of date. It will remain here as-is for reference.] A notable not-coincidence took place at the Hermitage today: I stumbled upon a video of Jonna Jinton practicing kulning – an

Five Years: Grieving the End of a Marriage

[This is a very personal piece of writing on grief that I posted to my Facebook friends quite awhile ago.  It met with heartfelt appreciation, and I was encouraged to post it publicly someday, if I ever felt ready to do so.  Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and supported me when I needed

Dark Spaces of Wisdom: Creating Pagan Space for Grief and Mourning

“Grief is not a feeling.  Grief is a skill.” ~ Stephen Jenkinson, Orphan Wisdom One of my ongoing assignments as temple keeper for the Black Stone Hermitage is to learn how to create and maintain an appropriate space – artistically and aesthetically, as well as emotionally and spiritually – where deep processes of grief and