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Announcing: An Interview with Ulf Söderberg & Endarkenment Newsletter Launch

Today marks the launch of my direct subscription email newsletter Endarkenment: Contemplative Writing on Dark Ambient Music Appreciation. At long last, I can go public with the great news I’ve been keeping under wraps for months: my upcoming (and rare!) long-read interview with the Swedish musical virtuoso and sound designer Ulf Söderberg, who is perhaps

Twilight Magick: An Interview with Abby Helasdottir of Gydja

I’m delighted to announce that the interview I conducted for the venerable Heathen Harvest Periodical with accomplished musician, artist, writer, and esotericist Abby Helasdottir of Gydja has now been published. Her Shadowlight website was pivotal for me at a time when I very much needed it, and I am a longtime fan of her music,