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My Vision for the Future of the Hermitage

Five years have now passed since I received the original vision of the Hermitage in 2011 and started this blog to chronicle the development of the vision.  Now, the time has come to take the leap of faith.   I’ve committed myself to a full-time path of creative self-employment, contemplative solitude, and service work as a

Tea Rituals with Móðguðr, or The Path of Endarkenment

“Sometimes I wonder if the plants and the rocks, the minerals themselves aren’t somehow pointing the way back to our pre-Judeo-Christian roots.” ~ Frank Hadley Murphy, Tea Fried Brain: Notes From St. Camellia’s Church of the First Infusion It wasn’t until middle age, after grieving a devastating loss, that I finally claimed the title temple

New Shrine for Móðguðr and the Ancestors

Here is my new shrine in honour of Móðguðr, the ancestors, and the beloved dead.  I absolutely love it, and I think She is pleased as well.  I am performing a special devotional midnight tea ritual for Móðguðr at the Hermitage tonight, as I celebrate and enjoy the many blessings of solitude. Hail Móðguðr, guardian

Móðguðr’s Dark Ambient Shrine

Have you ever had the experience of building a shrine and feeling a bone-deep wave of absolute perfect rightness engulf you immediately?  As if all the Powers you serve had been waiting a long time for you to finally figure out that They wanted it like this, but for whatever reason you couldn’t carry it

Hail Móðguðr

Well, hello there, Mordgud.  (Modgudr?  Modgud?  Móðguðr?  I’ve seen many ways to spell Your name.  Henceforth I will use the Old Norse Móðguðr.) I first read about You several years ago in Raven Kaldera’s Jotunbok: Working With The Giants of the Northern Tradition, but at that time I only skimmed, as I was mostly seeking