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Heathen Monasticism: The future of the Hermitage in Sweden

The Winter Solstice is my favorite holiday. It’s the perfect time to announce that the Hermitage is hatching a plan to move to Sweden! In November, while I was in Sweden, I made a pact with my longtime correspondents and dear friends Birka and Räv Skogsberg to relocate the Hermitage to the beautiful village of

A Black Tent Temple by Gerrie Ordaz

[Ed. note: This is archived material from the old blog; links and other info may be out of date. It will remain here as-is for reference.] Over the past couple of years, interest has been growing in the Black Tent Temple concept I put forth on the Hermitage blog back in 2012. I’ve received quite

My Polytheism: Contemplative Solitary Monastic Practice

This piece started out as a list of my contemplative practices, but then expanded into a contribution to the My Polytheism project, which was recently launched by Jolene Dawe to celebrate diversity in polytheism. Yay! If you haven’t seen the blog yet, I recommend you go check it out! I love this whole project, but

My Vision for the Future of the Hermitage

Five years have now passed since I received the original vision of the Hermitage in 2011 and started this blog to chronicle the development of the vision.  Now, the time has come to take the leap of faith.   I’ve committed myself to a full-time path of creative self-employment, contemplative solitude, and service work as a

Announcement: Skaði’s Shrine Room at Many Gods West

I am delighted to announce that my proposal was accepted and I will be a shrine room keeper at Many Gods West, a new polytheist gathering, in Olympia, WA this July. I will be building and decorating a custom shrine room for Skaði in a hotel room at the conference, and I will serve as its

Endarkenment Redecoration Project

In the Winter Solstice spirit of embracing the darkness and the longest night of the year… Inspired by dark ritual ambient music, dark fusion dance, and the deepening of autumn and the coming of winter, here are some photos from the Oct. 2013 Endarkenment Redecoration Project at the Hermitage in downtown Portland, OR, USA.  This

A Black Tent Temple

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Red Tent Temple movement, which started in 2007 and grew out of the popularity of Anita Diamant’s book The Red Tent. Although I have no personal experience with it – nor have I read the book – the Red Tent Temple movement, as I understand it, is focused on creating

Envisioning a Dark Pagan Sanctuary and Temple Space

In light of a recent sharpening of focus for me as a Temple Keeper, this blog has acquired a new subtitle: “A Dark Pagan Sanctuary and Temple Space”.  (The previous subtitle was “A vision of Pagan monastic life, the joys of solitude, and the dark divine.”)  I have also made some corresponding changes to the