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Announcement: Skaði’s Shrine Room at Many Gods West

I am delighted to announce that my proposal was accepted and I will be a shrine room keeper at Many Gods West, a new polytheist gathering, in Olympia, WA this July. I will be building and decorating a custom shrine room for Skaði in a hotel room at the conference, and I will serve as its

Skaði’s Shrine Room: A Proposal

As soon as I heard about Many Gods West, a new polytheist conference that will take place this coming summer in Olympia, WA, I knew I wanted to go. Immediately I started feeling nudges toward attending this gathering in service of Skaði, and building a shrine room there for Her. Since She has been the

New site: Shrine of Skaði – Dark Fusion Ritual Dance

I am pleased to announce the new website for Shrine of Skaði, my dark fusion ritual dance project. The site – like the project itself – is a personal devotional work in honour of the goddess of Northern mythology Who is closest to my heart, and it is being made public in Her service, as

Shrine of Skaði – improv dance video

Today, for the first time, I posted a short improvisational video clip from my Shrine of Skaði dance practice to the Facebook page associated with this blog.  Since I’m not a performer – and in fact am an extreme introvert who has never enjoyed drawing attention to herself – it took quite awhile before I

Gifts of Skaði: Strength and Independence

I love January.  It is my second favourite month (October is the first).  I feel Skaði’s presence very keenly at this time of year, and this year there seems to be a crisp freshness in the air around me that I cherish as a welcome manifestation of Her influence in my life.  2011 was “a

Shrine for Skaði

This is my shrine at The Hermitage for Skaði, the bold, strong-willed and enigmatic Jötunn, mountain-dweller, Öndurdís, goddess of winter and the primal hunt.  Maria Kvilhaug calls Her “the giantess of the underworld.”  Lee Hollander calls Her “dweller among the rocks.” The altar cloth is silver-grey crushed velvet.  Draped over the front are two iridescent